Tennis Game

tennis game - image

Looking for a rousing game of tennis? Look no further. Put your tennis outfit on (included) and grab a tennis racket.

Scripted tennis court includes the green court with proper tennis lines, the net and a tennis ball that zooms across the net. Listen as the tennis ball reaches the end of the court and hear the sound of a perfect tennis "whack". Then watch the ball cross over the net to the other side. Where will it go? No one knows. The ball is scripted to change it's trajectory every time.

  • There is NO scoring - for amusement only.
  • Included are two tennis outfits
  • Don't forget to jump over the net!

Tennis court is only 12 prims
Transfer only

Priced at only L$499 - Custom installation available

Rock Wall - Climbing Race

rockwall - image

You read that correctly. Rock Climbing has come to Second Life. TWO scripted walls. Each time you say the command to rez the climbing balls, a dozen or more climbing walls are generated in random areas on the wall. And with TWO walls you can have races. Once you get to the top, click on the rappelling balls and rappel down to the ground. Don't cheat. If you try to skip the closest ball, you WILL be disqualified.

As owner, YOU can control the walls OR allow ANYONE to reset and rez the balls. Select which one with a menu.

rockwall - image

Each wall starts out at 12 prims, but doubles the prim count when you rez the climbing and rappel balls. Also included is a flexi rope to help guide you down the wall, 3 grass plants to dress up the bottom and a Black and White checkerboard Finish Line.

The walls cannot be group owned.
Total installed prim count is 62 prims for two walls.
No Permissions

Priced at L$1499 - Custom install available